Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dirty Little Secrets

We all have friendships. Some of us have many, some of us have few. But we all have them. They are all physical, those are the kinds of friendships we all have. Some of us tend to shut ourselves out emotionally, like we're in our own world, with no one to trust but ourselves, keeping our own secrets from others. We don't give out too much about ourselves: our thoughts, our feelings, but mostly... our dirty little secrets. Why we don't give them out? Well... they're for us to keep, and that's where they feel the safest to us. Keeping them hidden, to ourselves, in our minds, where no one can come in uninvited and discover what they are. Some of us keep them to ourselves because they're too personal, and if we tell, it may change the perspective from which we are viewed by others. In other words, it may totally trash our reputation. But some of us just like keeping them in because of pure pleasure, we want them all to ourselves, to lose ourselves in the lust, or pleasure they bring to us. Some are great enough to be able to take to the grave. Remember, two CAN keep a secret... if one of them is dead. ;)

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